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  • Do you want to speed up the integration of personalized features?
  • Do your business needs require customization and advanced configurations?
  • Do your projects require the creation of a specific functionality that is not already in the management software package?

Ask for one of our specialist on demand!

ERPLibre • Texte et Image
ERPLibre • Image et Texte

Build your own platform

  • Choose, within more than 50 applications, the professional features you really need.
  • Enlist your entire team at no extra charge.
  • Customize with your business themes and colors.

Pay by server usage only!

At Technolibre, we share the belief in the  free software philosophy, the desire to serve our  community , and the passion for  learning!


Bringing the best of Open Source Software to the entrepreneur community and non-profit organizations. It's our distinction and a promess to bring quality at a low cost.

- Mathieu Benoit

CTO at TechnoLibre

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